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February 6th, 2015

mixed media art painting This painting is Week 42 of Lifebook 2014, an online art course offered by Willowing Arts. The title is Choose Joy. It was designed and taught by Chrisy Tomlinson.

There is a fair amount of paint layers and collage layers for the background.
The brown swirls are made with a foam stamp and acrylic paints.

The girl is hand drawn and colored by me.

Its kind of an interesting picture. I rather enjoy it.

February 5th, 2015

mixed media collage This painting is Week 42 in Lifebook 2014.  It is called Abstract Florals, as designed and taught by Tamara LaPorte of Willowing Arts.

These abstract flowers didn’t turn out the way I hoped they would. The instructions called for fluid acrylics and I don’t have any. I made do with substitutions.

As you can see, the result is interesting, even attractive.  However, it is not the way it could have been had I used the called for materials.

Oh well. Art is art. This is different than the others but its still okay.

It reminds me of the impressionist style of painting.


February 5th, 2015

mixed media collage painting of a whale and a moon This is the Week 41 project from Lifebook 2014. I am so behind in getting these things published here. This painting is one of my favorites. It was designed and taught by Tamara LaPorte of Willowing Arts, and the title is Moon Whale.

As in most of Tam’s lessons, there are many layers of paint and collage here, giving the whole picture an interesting texture.

I had a serendipitous accident with this painting. The whale was supposed to be facing to the left, and it is.

But if you look at it the right way, it is also facing to the right, looking at the moon.

One face is happy, facing left. The face looking at the moon is sad.

It seems that the whale is putting on a brave face to the world but he/she is sad inside.


I like this bit of whimsey.


January 12th, 2015

mixed media art collage with abstract design This is Week 38 in Lifebook 2014. Yes, I am behind — both in completion and in posting here.

This one is called Brave, Intuitive Painting and it was taught by Flora Bowley.

I like this hot mess quite a bit.

One of the really neat things about this lesson is that we did not use a paintbrush.

We painted entirely using chopped fruits and veggies as a “stamp” or brush, if you will, as well as various household items.

Flora cut up a lot of veggies to use as a stamp, but I was reluctant to waste my groceries.

Instead, I used some leaves and stalks from my houseplants and a few household items that were hanging around begging to be put to a nice use.

Weird as it is, I like this one a lot.



January 2nd, 2015

collage with girl holding a home in her heart This is Week 37 from Lifebook 2014. Its called Artsy Abode, and the lesson was taught by Carissa Paige.

This was a simple enough collage to do and I quite like the way it turned out.

To me, it represents a girl holding her home in her heart.

We did the background using a combination of paints and collage papers.

I drew the girl and decorated her with scraps of paper.

The “abode” was a picture from a magazine that I painted over. It would have worked just as well to have drawn it from scratch, I think.

The wings are clip art taken from a purchased set.

The birds flying in a fee are a stamp from Stampscapes.

For unknown reasons, this simple picture with the uncomplicated background is one of my favorites for the year.

Incidentally, if you are interested, Lifebook 2015 has just begun. Its not too late to sign up. Click here to view more details

December 31st, 2014

mixed media art collage in Lifebook 2014 This is Week 36 in Lifebook 2014, and its taught by Tamara Laporte.
The title is Exploring Intuition.

As you can see by the picture to the left, the whole thing is a hot mess of bright colors, whimsical drawings and general happiness and joy.

I didn’t follow Tam’s lessons precisely, but it is the general idea.

There are several layers. The bottom layer is drawing. The net layer is collage, topped with splatters of ink, more drawing and writing.

I forget what text Tam used in her drawing, but mine was “Be Your Own Best Friend.”


The whole idea behind this was to tune in to our own intuition and use colors and shapes that reflected how we are feeling.

Not surprisingly, a cat showed up in mind. I am still recovering from the recent loss of my beautiful ragdoll, el Gordo0.



December 24th, 2014

mixed media collage with picture of woman This little gal represents week 40 of Lifebook 2014. The name of the project is Brave Intuitive Goddess, and the instructor is Kate Thompson.

Lifebook 2014 is a year-long, online mixed media art course, organized by Tamara LaPorte of Willowing Arts and taught by Tam as well as a number of other artists. Click here to view more details

I didn’t follow Kate’s instruction to the letter, but then, when do I?


This painting is done on scraps of fabric left over from an old project of some sort. I glued the fabric to watercolor paper to give it shape, and then gessoed oer top to mute and blend the colours. I added some stenciling as well, to give it texture.


The girl started out as an image transfer. I printed her out onto ordinary printer paper and then used gel medium to transfer her to white card stock.

The girl was supposed to have an elaborate black crown, which I did not do. Instead. I dres the small black one that you see here.


I painted the girl using acrylic paints, rather than the alcohol re-inkers that the lesson called for. I didn’t have any re-inkers and didn’t want to buy yet more supplies.

I glued the white card stock onto the fabric as sown, and painted around the girl with white and then colored paints.

Its not much like Kate Thompson’s picture but it has its own charm, I think.



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December 9th, 2014

lifebook mixed media collage with painted girl This image is my effort at Lifebook Week 32, entitled Turning a Negative into a Positive. Micki Wilde is the instructor.

If I recall this correctly, we started by writing our complaints and grumbles all over the paper. That is the negative.

Next, we covered it up with various mixed media product.


I believe I did a lot of gessoing, followed by paint smears, followed by stenciled background images with more gesso, and then joined together with a light coat of white paint.


I drew the girl and painted her. She is over top of the textures, so she is a little bumpy.

The speech balloon reads, “Where Did I Park my Unicorn.”

I made a similar, but smaller picture like this for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind.


I think this girl is one of my favorite paintings from Lifebook.

December 8th, 2014

lifebook 2014 mixed media art collage This is Lifebook 2014 Week 31. Its entitled A Page of Healing Layers and the instructor is Mika Diaz.

I am starting to realize that deviating is my norma. When was the last time I actually followed a lesson as the instructor gave it?

Oh well.

In this collage, I have used an assortment of collage papers on the background — torn book pages old sheet music, and another image transfer onto acrylic.

I traced the girl and the flowers from a magazine, tracing onto sandwich paper.

I colored the girl and the flowers sporadically, using colored pencils.

The words Nature Escape are cut from a magazine.

I like the look of this odd one. I am finding that I enjoy the oddities more than the traditional types of designs.



December 8th, 2014

lifebook mixed media art collage with image transfers onto acrylic This painting represents Week 30 in Lifebook 2014. The title is Make Shift Magic and the instructor is Carissa Paige.

Once again, I don’t quite remember what we were supposed to do, but again I know I went off on a tangent of my own quite a bit.

I used a number of scrap papers on the background. I also did some image transfers, such as the man’s face and the bicycle on the bottom. I did the transfers onto acrylic pages and cut out as I wanted to.

The text, written by hand, reads, “Some Days I FEEL that life is a Fairy Tale.”

I have no idea what my frame of mind was the day I created this dark and moody looking piece. I do think it is an interesting thing, though.



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