watercolor painting of quirky birds Week Six from Lifebook 2016 featured Tamara LaPorte teaching how to make her famous Quirky Birds painting.

Although I totally love Tam’s Quirky Birds, I am not at all happy with the results that I achieved.

We were to use watercolour paints for this one. At the time, I had only watercolour crayons and I could not seem to get the vibrant colours that Tam achieved in hers. I have since purchased water paints and practiced with them. My more recent watercolour  projects turned out more to my liking.

Anyway, the quirky birds are supposed to represent traits of people in our lives. Without naming names to protect the guilty, (and to save my hide should the guilty figure it out LOL) I have made Peacock Bird, Cowboy Bird, Intellectual Bird, Canuck Bird and Love Bird.

Someday I am going to try this one again and see if I can get an effect that I like better.

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