I discovered scrapbooking several years ago when I wandered in a local scrapbook store to see what it was all about. I wasn’t too interested at the time, but the idea must have stayed in my mind.

A few months later, I decided to make a scrapbook out of my son’s childhood pictures and give it to him as a gift. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had a deadline to meet. I was flying to Calgary to visit my son and his family and I wanted to take the scrapbook with me. The staff at the store were most helpful, and I tentatively learned how to put a page together. Then I realized that I was going to be working overtime to get this project finished in time. I made it with a day or two to spare.

But by that time, I was hooked. I came home from the trip and promptly began making another scrapbook, this time for a friend. In time, I discovered altered books and began making those as well. One thing lead to another. I branched out and explored many forms of paper craft. I’m still a dedicated crafter. My friends say its an addiction.

Maybe it is.

I live in beautiful, Vancouver, Canada. We have an abundance of beautiful scenery, an abundance of rain and an abundance of scrapbook and craft stores. Life is good.

You can contact me at june at scrappingbydesign.com Replace the “at” with an @ sign. I don’t want to spell out the email address because if I do, the spam harvesters will have it.
My address is:

June Campbell
103-145 West Keith Road
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 980-3261