abstract image of woman
abstract image of woman

This is a bonus lesson from Week 4 of Lifebook 2016.  The instructor is Annie Hammon.  She called it Fearless Art.

The point of this lesson was to get rid of the restrictions and the inner critic that play such a role when many of us try to create art.

Annie did a painting with her young daughter. The daughter was allowed to smear paint as she wished, and as Annie said, “Its all good.”

Annie would paint over the daughter’s painting, and then the daughter would have another go at it.  This continued until Annie decided the painting was finished.

Lifebook participants who had young children were encouraged to make a painting the same way. Those of us without little helpers did the best we could, imaging that a child was helping with the paint smearing.

This is the picture I made. The bottom represents the first try. After deciding she was finished, I decided to smear a little more paint around. Thus, we have the top version.

Its a fun and freeing way to make art.

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