artist trading card with yellowed lemon background This artist trading card uses a background technique that I call Yellowed Lemon.

Why? Because I used lemon juice to make it.

You will need a line stamp, lemon juice and a heat gun.

I used bottled lemon juice. I would imagine that freshly squeezed lemon juice would work as well.

Anyway, squeeze some juice into a container. Dip a bit of paper towel in the lemon juice and transfer this generously to a line stamp.

Stamp the lemon-covered stamp onto a heavier textured text paper. I suppose you could use card stock but it might take longer to heat.

Anyway, use your heat gun and apply heat to the stamped paper.

In time, the stamped part will turn yellow and then brown. The longer you heat, the browner it gets.

Since lemon is an acid, I am guessing that you are actually rotting the paper to get this effect.

You can get variations of color by heating for different periods of time.

Optionally, you can run the coloured background paper through an embossing folder. I put this one through the TH Steampunk embossing folder.

The butterfly is not colored with lemon. It is a die cut from scrapbook paper.



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