February 11th, 2016

mixed media painting called journey to wellness Still catching up with Lifebook lessons done in 2015, this is Week 38. The title is Journey to Wellness, and the instructor was Jill Berry.

It was the inspiration for a art journal page that  I posted about a couple of posts ago.

This picture involved a lot of collaging, and then hand drawing the long legged bird. It may be a stork. I’m not sure. Perhaps its a heron. In any case, I drew it and colored it.

The background is paint over collage, and the mesh at the bottom is made from painted plastic mesh stapled to a strip of acetate.

February 11th, 2016

mixed media painting of woman This is week 32 from Lifebook 2015. The name of the lesson was “You are Wise” and the instructor was Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts.

At this point, I no longer remember exactly how this was made, but from the look of it, I would hazard a guess that there is collage for the first layer, followed by layers of paint and stencils. The stenciled shapes on the bottom were made, I think, with brass stencils and modeling paste for texture.

The girl is hand drawn, of course, and painted.

February 11th, 2016

art journal page themed Happy in Nature Oh my goodness. I have gotten way, way behind in my blogging here. I am going to try and play catch up now.

This project is an art journal page made for my Yahoo swap group, Art for the Creative Mind.  The theme for this project was Happy in Nature.

I used a fair amount of collage in the background. I drew the blue heron on sandwich paper, cut it out and glued it to the page. After that I painted with acrylics.

The mesh at the bottom is made form the sort of mesh bags that I buy avocados in. The mesh is red but I painted it purple and attached it to acetate paper with staples.

I like this picture. I like the colours and I think they do portray happiness. At least to me.


August 8th, 2015

art postcard with raised letter E and picture of dahlias This is yet another art postcard made for our ongoing postcard swap at Art for the Creative Mind.

We do an art postcard with a raised alphabet letter every month for a year. At year’s end, we will have postcards with letters spelling out CREATIVE MIND.

This month, the raised alphabet was the letter E.

I cheated a little bit. My entire postcard is created digitally and printed onto glossy photograph paper. The letter E is not actually raised. I used photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop Elements to create the illusion of a raised alphabet.


The background, and in fact the letter E are both made from a photograph of dahlias that I took at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver a few years ago.

The word elegance is written digitally as well.

August 5th, 2015

mixed media painting showing darked skinned girl Lifebook 2015, Week 28, was designed and taught by Tamara LaPorte. It was called Layers of You.

Tam instructed us to find a picture of a woman in a magazine, which we would cut out, glue in place and paint over. The woman was to have a closed mouth and no hands showing. Teeth and hands are difficult to paint, so we were to avoid this challenge in our project. Our chosen picture was to represent us in some way.

I did not have a suitable picture and wasn’t interested in going out in a heat wave to buy a magazine. Instead, I found a picture of a little girl — mouth open and hand clearly visible.

Since she was a dark skinned girl, I didn’t think she represented me, but I did very much like the looks of her.  I decided to use this painting although it was not what Tam was asking for.

I glued the girl in place, then added various other collage papers, as well as hand written words with a marker pencil.

I painted over the girl as best I could, then drew her dress and colored it.

I used various mixed media techniques to draw and color the background.

When finished, I felt compelled to paint the word “anticipation” along the front and outline it in black Micron pen. For some reason, I felt the little girl was facing a long life ahead of her and she was filled with anticipation.

Although the teeth and hands are far from perfect, I like this painting quite a lot. It may be my favorite for this year.

March 25th, 2015

picture of speed-sew fabric glue I have two bottles of Speed Sew Fabric glue that I can give away. You can find out more about the product at this web site: Speed-Sew.

Here is the story:  Owen from Speed-Sew contacted me and offered me two bottles of glue. I said yes, of course.  Speed-Sew is an awesome glue that can replace sewing.  I do a lot of crafting, including working with some fabric, and sewing isn’t really my thing. This glue is awesome strong and it can hold things in place like you wouldn’t believe.

You can use it on almost any fabric, but its not recommended for sheers, knits and for things that you dry clean. Otherwise, go for it. I plan on trying it on paper and mixed media projects as well, but I have not done so yet.

If you go to Youtube, you’ll find a lot of demonstrations of Speed-Sew, showing it being used for various purposes.

My two bottles of glue arrived in two days (I am situated in the Vancouver, same as the company’s office).

Owen offered to let me give away two bottles of Speed Sew to readers on my blog. That is, I will pass the information along to him and he will send the product.

So, the first one to comment on this post on my blog can have two bottles of Speed-Sew for free, and that includes shipping. US and Canadian addresses only, please.

And thanks to Owen  from Speed Sew for making me this offer.




February 18th, 2015

mixed media painting with artful lettering Week 3 in Lifebook 2015 is entitled Artful Wordsmith. The project was designed and taught by Joanne Sharpe. Sharpe’s art typically involves creative lettering, words, text and doodling.

In my attempt at Joanne’s lesson, I used watercolor crayons, a graphite pencil and a black sharpie to make the picture shown.

The text reads Art Feeds Your Soul.

I did some doodling on some of the letters. If you look closely, you can see small faces — fairies, mermaids and babies tucked inside the letters.

I am interested in Joanne’s teachings. I may decide to purchase one of  her books. The most recent is The Art of Whimsical Lettering.

Joanne spent a lot of time explaining various way of blocking off the page, and various styles of lettering. I learned a lot from this lesson.

December 27th, 2014

holiday themed pennant with ghostly shadows and a train In October, we, meaning my online swap group, swapped a holiday themed pennant with the theme of ghostly shadows.

It was not a simple thing, in my opinion, to create a ghostly looking pennant that would work for Christmas or the winter holidays.

This picture to the left is what I came up with.

The ghostly looking train could be representative of The Polar Express. The lady, with her wings, could be an angel or a ghost overlooking the train.

The picture is a bit of digital art that I created, then printed out and did an image transfer onto the vintage white fabric.

I trimmed with lace as shown, and with some rhinestones.There is a bit of a tassel on the tip of the pennant, although it is cut off in the picture.



December 13th, 2014

art journal page with altered photograph of a ragdoll cat Holy Schmoley, this is el Gordo, my ragdoll cat.

He has a crown with gold glitter, richly deserved, in his own opinion, and the text reads, “I am a legend in my own mind.”

This art journal page was made for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind Swap Group.

I covered the page with scraps of fabric and painted over top with gesso and various paints.

I also used a stencil to add some additional texture to the page.

I printed out a photo of el Gordo, cut it out, and affixed it. I used some freehand drawing to give His Majesty a type of throne.

I finished by a[placing a star made of scrapbook paper behind the cat’s head.

This page has special meaning to me because my beloved cat lost his battle with cancer two weeks ago. I had no choice but to euthanize him.

I miss him a lot and I’m glad I have this photo to remind me of the many ways in which he improved my life.





April 20th, 2014

kid's easter card This is the second Easter card I made for a child.

I went with springlike pastels for a palette. I used three layers of oval scalloped dies from Spellbinder.

Amazon carries a good selection of Spellbinder dies for those who are shopping. Check this link: spellbinders dies

The chicks and egg are stamped and colored with Copic markers.

I realized afterwards that I should have stamped the big chick on the right hand side so the small chicks would be facing her.  Oh well!

The sentiment is inside the card.