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January 27th, 2013

front cover of altered book with theme of romantic era
drawer cut in altered book with theme of romantic era
back cover of altered book with theme of romantic era

This altered book has “Romantic Era” as its theme. I made it for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind swap group.

Although the group gives very little detail in terms of expectations for a swap, in this one we were required to create a drawer of some sort.

As you can see from the pictures, I painted the book black using Acrylic paint. I used Graphics 45 scrapbook paper to cover the top and back of the book.

On both the top and back, I used some ecru or tan colored edging to frame the main picture.

On the top, I added some fabric flowers and a white plastic bird.
I added the shoe as a decorative element, but I did not attach it to the book. The shoe is a wedding favor that I have decorated with alcohol ink and fibres. You can find the description of it on this blog post: Altered Art: Wedding Favor Shoes.

I added some ecru lace to the back, and I lined the drawer with the same lace.

I printed a love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning onto vellum and rolled it up as shown in the drawer. I fastened it with black lace, white ribbon and a pearl ended hatpin.

I have made a video showing how I made the altered book. I will post the video tomorrow.



December 22nd, 2012

altered paintbrush with theme Frosti, Bride of Frosty

Sometimes you just feel like being whimsical or silly. I felt that way when I made this altered paintbrush.

Not all altered art has to be serious, does it?

The swap at Art for the Creative Mind was to make an altered paintbrush, with the theme Frosty the Snowman.

I made Frosti, Bride of Frosty.

First I painted Frosti white, using craft paint, and added some Snow Writer with glitter sprinkled on top.

I painted two large, green button earrings white, and then added glitter. They became the headdress holding the veil in place.

The veil is tulle. The bridal gown is made from white sheer fabric.

I made “branch” arms using brown card stock and decorated with Snow Writer and glitter.

Frosti’s bridal bouquet is an old Christmas brooch.

I added eyes out of beads and a mouth made from red card stock.

I finished by giving Frosti a string of pearls around the neck and a band of pearls around the dropped waistline of her dress.

Frosti winged her way to the USA where she joined her new family and is anxiously seeking her groom, the inimitable Frosty.

Frosti is entered in the Just for Fun Challenge at Playing in Paradise.

And a very Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings, if that is more appropriate, to all my site visitors!



November 21st, 2012

altered wooden spools with wintery glitter I made these altered wooden spools for an altered art swap at Art for the Creative Mind. The theme was “wintery glitter”. Unfortunately, I forgot about the wintery part until the spools were completed. They are not as wintery as I would have liked, but they are cute.

I made a few afterwards in blue and red and gold, hoping for a more Christmassy look.

I made the frills using the Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Dies By Tim Holtz: Mini Paper Rosettes
and the Big Shot Universal Die Cutting Machine.

I painted the spools with craft paint and glued a decorative element on top and on the side. Mostly, I used old snap-on earrings that someone gave me.

I added glitter to each “skirt” because the theme is Wintery Glitter, after all.

Someone told me that the spools remind her of ballerinas in skirts. They sort of do look that way, don’t they?

November 20th, 2012

CD album, front and back
CD album, front
CD album, fanning open

I made this small CD mini album as a Christmas gift for a friend. Essentially, it is a small, hand made scrapbook with accordion hinges for binding and covered CDs for the layouts. Since I have altered CDs, this project is also considered altered art, I suppose.

I have made CD albums many times, but this is the first one I have done designed with Christmas or winter holidays in mind.

The layouts contain photographs and are decorated with die cuts made using the Cricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting Machine .

The cartridge is Cricut Cartidge, Joys of the Season.

On the back, I made two die cuts representing Ladies Dancing. The ladies are from the Joys of the Season cartridge.

On the front, to represent  Lords a Leaping, I used a die from Memory Box.

Other miscellaneous trim include stickers, ribbon and of course, scrapbook paper.

I have entered this project in the Playing in Paradise Challenge #93.

October 23rd, 2012

six altered rolodex cards with mushroom background and circus images AT AFTCM swap group, we are swapping altered rolodex cards each month, with a different colour for the theme. October’s colour is mushroom.

I used a gray colored scrapbook paper for the background. To give it more of a brownish cast, I rubbed it with one of the Distress die inks.

I had some Graphics 45 Circus paper left over from an earlier swap, so I cut out circus shapes as the focal point.

Lastly, I added some white rubons around the edges, in white, and stamped a word on each card using black ink.

You can get a good selection of Graphics 45 at Amazon: Graphics 45 paper

October 5th, 2012

art bra or altered bra, front view
art bra or altered bra, back view

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Art for the Creative Mind swap group decided to make an altered bra or art bra, in honor of the survivors on our list and elsewhere. It’s a type of altered art.

This is my art bra. I purchased a shocking pink bra, then decorated it with a multicolored yarn and two kinds of ribbon.The checkerboard effect is done with the multicolored yarn.

The ribbon in the center represents the Pink Ribbon campaign, although I have placed a pink flower and a pearl over the loop.

I added some gold floral stickers on the sides of the bra and on each cup.

I also added a pair of clip-on earrings that were in my stash. The earrings are gold with a pink rhinestone in the center.

I hope my partner likes it. It is in the mail as of today.

This project is entered in Playing in Paradise Challenge #88

October 2nd, 2012

front of the mixed media circus wagon
back of the mixed media circus wagon
one side of the mixed media circus wagon
other side of the mixed media circus wagon

In this swap at AFTCM swap group, we made a three dimensional circus wagon. The size, style and scope was up to us. This is the circus wagon that I made.

This mixed media art project is actually an altered art project, as well.  I used an old spectacle case as the base for my wagon.

The wagon has wheels made from boshers, with a button in the middle. The wheels do not turn. They are simply decorative.

The top of the wagon part is made from corrugated card stock, trimmed with coloured paper.

The circus cut outs are made from Graphics 45 scrapbook paper.

I made a flagpole out of a bamboo skewer and added a ribbon flag.

The front of the wagon has a   metal pulling thing. I am afraid I do not know the correct name for the metal thing that sticks out in the front of a wagon so it can be pulled. Anyway, this metal thing is made from the metallic blade that was in a wooden ruler.  I tied some fluffy fiber to the front of the metal.

A few rhinestone stickers are the finishing touch.


October 1st, 2012

altered rolodex cards with watermelon colour scheme I made these six altered Rolodex cards for a swap. The colour scheme required was watermelon.

I used watermelon coloured scrapbook paper to cover the Rolodex cards.

Next, I stamped six girls with wings, using an acrylic stamp and white card stock. I coloured the winged girls with Copic markers then cut them out and attached them to the cards using a pop dot.

Using black dye ink, I stamped the words, “You were born to fly” along the left side of the card.

Lastly, I attached a watermelon colored paper flower and put a rhinestone in the center.

I experimented with colors when making the winged girls, so no two altered Rolodex cards are identical.

August 29th, 2012

altered scissors with Drunken Scotch technique and soldered metal oval These altered scissors are a piece of altered art that I made for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind.

I started with an old pair of scissors that I no longer used. My first step was to solder in place a metallic oval shape that I found in my ephemera stash. I used my Simply Swank Solder Kit and Supplies.

Working in small areas at a time, I covered the entire scissors, plus the metallic oval shape, using the Drunken Scotch technique.

I have written before about doing the Drunken Scotch technique, so I shall not bother to repeat it here. If interested, the technique is explained on my blog post entitled ATC with Drunken Scotch Technique – Fall Leaves.

When dry, I rubbed some metallic gold paste over the scissors and glued in place a couple of rhinestones.

Some people have said they see a bird when they look at these altered scissors. Someone else saw a fish. I can see both a bird and a fish when I look for them …. but neither was part of the plan. That is a lucky accident. LOL

Whatever you see, they appear to be a good conversation starter. :-)

July 31st, 2012


This Knit Attack project happened in North Vancouver, a few blocks from me. The Random Acts of Knitting projects are sponsored community arts project administered by the North Vancouver City Community Arts Council.

Does this count as an altered tree?

I had no involvement in this project, other than I think it is pretty cool. I have been told that this could damage the tree. I hope that is not true but perhaps it is.

I also wonder what will happen to this knitting when the rainy season comes in October? This is ‘Raincover’ after all.