sizzix big shot universal die cutting and embossing machineA week or so ago, I did a post in which I compared the Provo Craft Cuttlebug and the Sizzix Big Shot.  I was struggling to decide which tool to purchase.

It wasn’t an easy choice, because both machines are apparently very good. In the end, I went with the Sizzix Big Shot Universal Die Cutting and Embossing Machine.

Three  factors influenced my decision.

First, the Big Shot will handle the Bigz Dies from Sizzix but the Cuttlebug, I am told, will  handle some, but not all. These dies are awesome and I know I will want to purchase some sooner or later.

Second,  my local craft store, Scrap Arts in North Vancouver, was selling the Big Shot at a better price than you usually find. You had to order it in, but it arrived within a few business days so this was not a big problem.

And a question about the warranty was the last  factor that influenced my decision. I am told that the Cuttlebug’s warranty is void if you use any die or folder other than Cuttlebug’s. Although the machine works with most other dies, or so I am told, the company won’t replace it if there is any damage and you have been using a non-Cuttlebug product.  I left a message with Provo Craft customer service asking if they would verify this.  There was no response. I tend to shy away from businesses who do not respond to customer questions.

So, the Big Shot won out.

So far, I love this machine. It required almost no assembly, other than attaching the handle. It works like a charm on the folders and dies that I have tried.

So far, I have used it successfully with the Cuttlebug embossing folders, a Cuttlebug die, a QuicKutz die and a brass embossing template.  All worked well.  For the brass embossing templates, I had to purchase a package of Spellbinders 5 Inch by 7 Inch Wizard Enlarged Embossing Pads.

The brass templates I am using do leave a border around the embossed design, which is unfortunate. Apparently there is no way to avoid this, at least not with the templates that I have.

I have a video demonstration of the Big Shot using the Cuttlebug, the QuicKutz and the brass templates.

I want to correct one mistake I made when explaining the use of Tab 1 or Tab 2, or no tab. I said you choose your tabs based on the width of the project.  I should have said the thickness, not the width.

Here is the video tutorial:

Note: Since first publishing this post and the video, some kind visitors have left comments or emails telling me how to use the brass templates or stencils without getting the border. You cut the foam mat to be just smaller than the brass stencil. I haven’t tried this yet but it certainly makes sense and sounds as if it should work.

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