Blade Rubber Stamps in the UK has a great article called How to Use Punches.

The writer explains the ins and outs of using punches and of creating punch art. She gives a lot of good tips and includes pictures and images of competed punch art projects.

I am particularly interested in the Troubleshooting section because it has information on how to unplug a jammed up punch. This happens to me with alarming regularity. My usual approach is to mess around with it for awhile and then if nothing helps, I attempt to pry the punch open with a screwdriver. This inevitably breaks the punch altogether and I discard it and if it was a favorite, replace it.

Someone else has suggested hurling the jammed punch on a carpeted floor several times. That’s worth a try also, although Blade Rubber suggests a gentler approach.

If anyone has any good tips for unjamming punches, I’d be delighted to hear them.

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