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March 21st, 2009

birthday card with butterfly This Butterfly Birthday card uses several different techniques: paper layering, embossing, stamping, glittering and punch art. It’s made with card stock with a glittered design, plain   card stock, vellum, plain scrapbook paper, glitter glue, vellum and a purchased scalloped circle.

First, I sized this card to fit an envelope. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered messing around to get envelopes to fit my cards! LOl

The background is glittered, patterned card stock. The blue band is card stock that I have embossed with a Cuttlebug embossing folder on the Big Shot. The link goes to a video tutorial showing how to do this if you are unfamiliar with the tools mentioned.

The white scalloped circle is purchased, as I mentioned before. I stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment with a stamp from Studio G. I went over it  with a little yellow artist chalk because the white looked “too white”, somehow. I’m a big fan of artist chalk and often prefer it to some of the other media that crafters use for adding color.

I used plain black ink to stamp, then added a couple of punched  flowers with a floral punch from Make an Impression. I put a few dots of glitter glue here and there in the center of the flower and on the hat.

Making the Stamped Butterfly

To make the butterfly, I started with the Butterfly stamp from Make an Impression. Incidentally, this company has wonderful tutorials on their web site showing how to use their stamps and punches together.

Anyway,  I stamped the butterfly on white card stock, then tinted it yellow with decorator chalk. I cut the butterfly out using precision scissors.  Next, I stamped the butterfly on a pale purple vellum.  If you are new to working with vellum, you need to know that not all inks will dry on vellum. Brilliance and Stazon will work and possibly others that I don’t know about.

Referring to the velum butterfly, I cut out the two wings and glued the wings over top of the card stock butterfly. I aligned the two sets of wings so they are almost,  but not quite on top of one another. The vellum wings are just a bit off center to reveal  some of the card stock butterfly. I then bent the butterfly wings slightly so they rise upwards   from the body on each side.

Finally, I punched out some flowers from pink scrapbook paper  using the same small floral punch from Make an Impression. I shaped the small pink flowers by placing them on a mouse pad and then pressing in the center with a finely pointed  embossing tool.  I glued the pink flowers in place, then added some reddish-brown glitter glue in the centers.

Last steps involved gluing the scalloped circle and and the butterfly in place.

I’m a big fan of Make an Impressions stamps and punches. You can make some great cards with their products.

January 15th, 2009

valentine card made from card stock and scrapbook papers This hand made Valentine card is left over from last year, 2008.

I used two styles of patterned card stock for the card front. The heart is cut from a sheet of die cuts and inked slightly around the edges with brown stamping ink.  I have affixed a similar, but smaller heart inside the card.

The button in the middle is a sticker to which I have added glitter.

For the ribbon, I laced narrow red ribbon through lace and tied it in a bow under the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day is a stamped image.

Hand made Valentine cards are so much fun

November 26th, 2008

Here are a few scrapbooking tips for using stickers. I saw an excellent post about this on a blog a couple of days ago. Now I can’t find the blog to link to it. Pity. The writer had some great ideas about altering alphabet stickers to make new letters.

I do this as well, so these are my tips:

1. Create new vowels with your alphabet stickers.

E is the most used letter in the alphabet. The other vowels come next. Therefore, we tend to run out of those letters first. With a little thought, you can often alter an alphabet sticker. For example, if you have a pen the same color as the sticker, you can sometimes draw an extra line on F to turn it into E. Turn a V upside down, draw a line and you have an upper case (capital) A. Cut the tail off a lower case “g” to make an “a” or an “o”. Cut the tail off a “y”, add a little line and you have an ‘a’. Turn an ampersand (&) upside down, do a little trimming and you have a small “e”. Cut an 8 in half and you have two “o”s. Cut one side away from an X, turn the remaining side vertical and you have an upper case I. Add a curved line to a c to get an o or an a. Cut a straight line from any straight alphabet to get an I or an i. Cut the tail off a Q to get an O.  Turn an n upside down, cut away anything that doesn’t belong and you have a u

2. Modify the consonants in alphabet stickers

Draw a line on an “N” to get an “M”. Conversely, cut one line away from an M to get an N. Cut the tail from an R to get a P. Draw a second loop on the P to get a B. Cut the tail off a Y to get a V. Turn a P upside down to get a d, and vice versa. Turn an W upside down to get M. A straight line added to a c gets you a d.

3. Interchange numbers with letters.

Ones and zeros can be used as I’s and O’s, for example. Curly 9′s and 6′s are interchangeable, if turned upside down.   8′s can become o’s. With a line added, a 3 can become a B.

4. Alter Stickers for an Aged Look

Shiny, glossy new stickers simply don’t work with a heritage  or shabby chic style. However, you can distress them by sanding, then possibly add a little distress ink and you have a wonderful addition to your layout.

5. Alter Stickers by Adding Glitter or Dimentional Glue.

Stickles is a wonderful product to give a stamp some bling. Dimensional glue in various colors is another good item to use.

6.  Apply glitter to the back of a sticker.

Like the shape but don’t have a use for the sticker?  How about turning it over and coating the sticky side with glitter, micro beads or decorator sand?   If you want to really innovate,  punch or cut a small shape from release paper. Release paper is the paper that stickers come on. It’s called “release paper” because the stickers release.  So punch a shape from release paper. Turn your sticker with the sticky side up. Place your punched out release paper shape ON the sticky side of the sticker. Sprinkle with glitter. Remove excess glitter. The sticker is coated with glitter, except for the part covered by your punched shape. Peel away the release paper shape and sprinkle with a second color of glitter. Shake away excess glitter. You now have a gorgeous shape with two colors of glitter.

If you have any sticker tips, please a comment and share your knowledge with us.

November 25th, 2008

drummer boy Christmas card or holiday card This hand made Christmas card is sooo much nicer in real life than it is in this picture. The real thing is stunning.

Excuse the lack of modesty, but I have to say, this is my all-time favorite card that I have ever made. It wasn’t easy to get it right. I made several trial runs before I decided I was happy with the end result.

The Little Drummer Boy Card makes full use of three-dimensional layering, stamping, heat embossing, precision cutting and glitter.   When you make it with richly colored card stock, then heat emboss with gold embossing power and then trim with ultra fine red glitter and green glitter, and then assemble with 3-D adhesives  — you truly have something to brag about.

It’s made with one of those amazing stamps from Holly Berry House. This is Stamp Number 1568. Holly Berry House sells it from their online store if your local stamp shop doesn’t carry it.

A few years ago, I took a class to learn how to work with Holly Berry House stamps. They’re challenging until you see how to go about it. If you’re interested, I have a video tutorial for this Drummer Boy Christmas card at this link.

November 20th, 2008

masculine themed birthday card Making a masculine birthday card challenges many of us, I think.

For starters, most of the items we find in scrapbook stores are designed to appeal to women. Even if the item is “masculine’ it’s still designed to appeal to the woman who will buy it and use it in her projects.

This effort is going to my grandson, who has the misfortune to be born shortly before Christmas.

I made the card using scrapbook paper that resembles a cardboard box.

The dark brown in the bar along the left and the circle is actually dark brown glitter. The two yellow circles are yellow glitter.   The circle is a CD label. I sprinkled glitter on the sticky side, then placed the stickers over that.

I used the “brushed velvet” technique developed at Be Creative, a local scrapbook store in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.  I plan on making a video soon demonstrating the Brushed Velvet technique. It’s really cool.

The tools are silver stickers.

Who knows whether this masculine birthday card will be a winner. Did I crack the code? :-)