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March 28th, 2014

a set of seven art dolls made from polymer clay This is the entire set of seven art dolls made from Polymer Clay.

They represent the colors of the rainbow, or the colors of the chakras (a concept from Eastern philosophies depicting seven centers of spiritual power in the body).

    1. Red — is Tribal Doll
    2. Yellow — Prosperity Doll
    3. Orange  — Creativity Doll
    4. Green — Rejuvenation Doll
    5. Blue — Clarity Doll
    6. Indigo Doll — Truth Doll
    7. Violet — Knowledge Doll

I cut the shapes from rolled clay, stamped them with rubber stamps so as to make an indent, but without using ink, and then brushed the tops with Pearlex. I baked them, and then decorated as shown.

I used a lot of beads and artist decorator wire.

March 25th, 2014

violet coloured art doll made from polymer clay These are Dolls Seven and the last in the set. They represent knowledge.

I made the dolls from violet or purple coloured polymer clay. I stamped in the raw clay and added Pearlex for colour before baking.

I have decorated the dolls with beads, wires, roses and various dangly things.

I am happy to be finished with this project. It was a larger undertaking then I anticipated when I started.

March 24th, 2014

art doll made from polymer clay This is the six in a series of art dolls that I have been making. I have been going through the colours of the rainbow. These dolls are indigo, and they represent TRUTH.

I made the dolls from indigo colored polymer clay. I stamped images in the parts before baking and coloured with Pearlex.

After assembling, I decorated with miscellaneous wires and beads.  All three of them have a red crystal heart dangling from the tail.

October 29th, 2013

count dracula shrine
count dracula shrine

I made this shrine for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind. The theme was to use an icon, real or imaginary. I used Count Dracula, since Halloween was fast approaching.

I used a five sided candy box and lined it with red felt on the bottom. For the sides, I used a map of “Transylvania’.

The top has a black and white image of a woman’s face, fashioned from a stamp on Polymer clay.

Count Dracula is a cut out paper doll. I also used a key, a silver cross, a raven, and black and red rosettes.

I placed a black paper coffin in the shrine to the back of the Count.


June 6th, 2013

altered wooden spoons that look like Elvis These altered wooden spoons are intended to reflect Elvis Presley playing All Shook Up. I made them for a swap at Art for the Creative Mind Swap Group. The theme was “Stirred, Not Shaken.”

This is my take.

I had two wooden spoons, one large and one small.

To make the guitar, I chose the smaller spoon and painted it a dark brown in colour. I drilled small holes near the top of the spoon handle and at the tip of the spoon part. I strung silver wire through these holes to represent the strings. I used narrow strips of black card stock to form the frets.  I strung a few metallic beads on the end of the part that is called the headstock.

To make the Elvis impersonator, I painted the larger spoon with flesh coloured acrylic paint.

I made the face and hands from Polymer clay, using a mold.

Elvis’ hair is made from an old black nylon stocking.

The clothing is fashioned from white ribbon and decorated with yellow rhinestones.

After I took the picture, I added a gold necklace using gold metallic string.

One person said this is an art doll.  Perhaps it is. It is definitely an altered wooden spoon or two. :-)

May 28th, 2013

blue art dolls These blue dolls are the fifth art dolls in the series of seven that I am working on. Here are the first three:

Red Art Doll or Tribal Doll

Orange Art Doll or Creativity Doll.

Yellow Art Dolls or Prosperity Doll

Green Art Doll Or Rejuvenation Doll

I made the dolls using stamped, Polymer clay.

I call these dolls Clarity Dolls. The stamped word along the wing reads Oneness.

Blue is a color of peace and tranquility. In energy healing circles,  blue is said to be the colour of the fifth chakra, or the throat chakra. The purpose is integration of energies traveling upwards and downwards in the body.

I decorated the dolls with beads, wire, and metallic threads. I have place a small white dove on the side of the head. Other charms include a white oval pearl bead and a silver star.

May 27th, 2013

green art dolls These are the fourth art dolls in the series of seven that I am working on. Here are the first three:

Red Art Doll or Tribal Doll

Orange Art Doll or Creativity Doll.

Yellow Art Doll or Prosperity Doll.

I call the Green Art Dolls Rejuvenation Doll. Green is the colour of nature and new growth. In energy healing circles, it is also the color of the Heart Chakra, representing love.

The dolls are made from stamped, Polymer clay and assembled with beas and wire. The long dangling tail is actually copper, which is a great colour match for the green. The copper tail is embossed with the word “Rejuvenate’.

January 17th, 2013

art dolls made of orange polymer clay These orange art dolls are my Creativity Dolls. They are the second in a series of seven. The first one is at this link: Red Art Doll — my Tribal Doll.

The orange is the second color of the rainbow, or can represent the second chakra, if you are a follower of energy systems.

They are made from polymer clay. You can find the clays at amazon at this link: polymer clay

As with the red dolls, I stamped the shapes with an acrylic stamp, then brushed the unbaked shapes with Pearlex.  The stamped words along the wing read, “Create”.

I added boshers, beads, wires, earrings and sticker alphabets to embellish.

The stickers are on the boshers and spell out, “Doll” on one, “Kiss” on the second, and “Joke” on the third. Why three different words?  Because that was what my remaining alphabet stickers would spell.




January 14th, 2013

red art doll with tribal theme
3 red art dolls with tribal theme

This red art doll is my Tribal Doll.  It is made from polymer clay.

Over a year ago — yes, a year!  I took a notion to make art dolls. Not just one or two, mind you, but twenty-one art dolls! I get carried away like that sometimes.

I envisioned an art doll for each color of the rainbow, or for each color of the chakras, for those who are familiar with the body’s energy system.  I pictured the set of seven as being meditation dolls.

But then I decided I needed three sets — one to keep and two to give away. So that means 21, total.  I shaped and baked the dolls, using Polymer Clay and a dedicated toaster oven. Then I let them sit in a box for over a year.  Now I am motivated to get them finished.

I rolled the red polymer clay using a pasta machine, then cut the shapes.  I stamped the unbaked clay with an acrylic stamp, then brushed with Pearlex powders before baking.

To assemble, I used small pieces of baked clay at the back, and sandwiched these little pieces between the body and the arm or wing. I used the Croc-o-Dile from WeRMemory Keepers to punch holes through all three thicknesses. Then I used a combination of beads and wire to hold things in place.

Other decorations include beads on wire, a silver brad and several little doodads from old watch parts.

In the bottom picture, I have completed all three Red Art Dolls and to complete the Tribal theme, I have added a feather. The feathers were donated by my friend’s budgie, who has now gone to that great bird feeder in the sky.

You can get clay at Amazon: polymer clay.


January 20th, 2012

steampunk doll made from polymer clay This is Steamy Nelly. she is a steampunk doll made for a swap. I suppose she is an art doll, although I am not too sure what an art doll is, exactly. :-)

Steamy Nellie is made from polymer clay. I used a rubber stamp of a game girl doll to get a template. I used the template to cut the doll parts in the clay. I used black clay and flesh colored clay to make this project.

Nellie’s helmut and boot are both cut from faux leather. The goggles are drawn on with marker pens.

I twisted wires to add some decorative elements. The black part of the breast plate is decorated with black micro beads.  I also added a washer type thing from the hardware store and a small key from my stash.

The body parts are attached together with wire.

One leg has a small band of lace; a Victorian garter perhaps.

To complete decorating Steamie Nellie, I added some steampunk gears purchased at eBay


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